Friday, July 20, 2012

july scrappy chics

melinda at scrappy chics sent this amazing add on kit to me for july.  the photos i took don't do the colors justice!  usually, i could adjust the pics on my computer but my computer kicked the bucket...  finally.  it's been sick for a while, and it was an old (but good) hand-me-down from my grandmother.  i've been using my daughter's laptop, but it's just not the same.   because of that, i'm stepping back from being a scrappy chic designer.  hopefully, after i get a new computer, i can jump back in... 

thank you, melinda, so much for having me on your team! 

now, on to the stuff...

i made a few cards

and a few layouts... 

this one features a sketch from sketch n scrap - i flipped it. it was perfect for my pics of sam and her cousin dominic!

my little niece, mary - she is hilarious!

and another of sam and dom...

well, that's it, for a bit.  hopefully i'll get a new computer in a while (thinking of a mac!) and i can jump back in to scrapping...  

as always, thanks for looking!

Friday, June 1, 2012

june scrappy chics!

this month, i was sent the june add-on kit from melinda at scrappy chics...  what a fun, happy kit!  

i LOVE the bright colors and jubilant feel of the hello summer (by lori whitlock) kit 
from echo park.

to start, i made three birthday cards for people at work.

 this card is a bonus card that was made after i sent my dt stuff to melinda...  inspired by a layout i found on pinterest.

now, for the layouts.  this one just makes me smile!

yeah, i'm not above a little groping to get a smile outta him...  

sam - definitely not a fan of snorkeling.  
someday, i'll take her again, and we'll just float around and practice.

ZIPlining!!!  lovelovelove that!

i still have a bunch of product left from this add-on kit - i know i'll be using this one up fast!  awesome stuff!  thanks for looking, and go get your kits from melinda at scrappy chics!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

more cards

in my last post, i'd mentioned something about cards for people at work - here's what i came up with!  i think all of them are made with scrappy chics kits, except for the last one...

i've been inspired by pinterest - so many ideas there for scrappy inspiration!

 keep an eye out for june's kits at scrappy chics!  they're AH-MAZING!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

may scrappy chics!!!

may's main kit is packed full of awesome stuff!!!  every month i feel like a kid at christmas when i get to open my package from melinda.  :)

i started out with two layouts - the first one is about life after 40 for me.  braces, bifocals, zits, gray hair and wrinkles.  i forgot to mention wrinkles in my layout.  

the second layout is based on a photo of my daughter and my parents...  we'd gone out to dinner to celebrate their birthdays, and my hubby's.  the night i was working on my DT stuff, there was a hallmark movie on tv, and one of the commercials used this line:  life is a special occasion...  i had to use that for my layout.

my last project is a wall hanging.  the chipboard element is from daisy bucket designs.  i spray painted the chipboard and then used a quote i found on pinterest.  this is hanging in my scrappy area now.

design note:  i used the negative left from a set of chipboard letters to trace my title.  also, the little "follow your heart" is cut from the title strip of one the patterned papers that came in the kit.

i'm working on more stuff using this month's kit this weekend - birthday cards for the staff at work.  i'll post those after the weekend is over!

thanks for looking - and happy may!  i'm SO glad it's getting warmer!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

april scrappy chic stuff!

yep. april, already... how can this be? and it's snowing here, so mother nature is getting her april fool's joke in on us here in alaska. argh. well, i've got scrapping with awesome supplies to keep me happy - thanks again, melinda at scrappy chics, for sending me the amazing add-on kit for april! LOVELOVELOVE the colors here, and all the paper is double sided - another perk...

my niece and nephew have birthdays in march so i deconstructed a starbucks gift card holder i got at christmastime and used it as a template to make gift card holders for them... i really like how they turned out, and i will definitely use this idea again!

for the following layout, i was being ultra thrifty. you know the strips on the bottom of your paper that tell you what line it is, and what pattern is on the other side? well, i cut those off and used them for a hint of color on this layout. a sketch i found on pinterest is the inspiration for this one...

the next one is based off a sketch from valerie salmon. little design hint: i cut tiny bits of scrap paper and stuck them on the bottoms of the little banner flags, so they look like they're flapping in the wind. :)

okay, the middle photo cracks me up every time i look at it. the girl in the background is one of my nieces, trying to get a jump on her cousin's birthday candles! i like how the black cardstock makes all the bright colors jump out...

and last, another card for one of the people at my work... i heard later the recipient was very touched to find a handmade card on her special day. makes it worth it, to know people appreciate handmade stuffs.

that's all for now. thanks for checking it out this month! <3