Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i'm in loooooove

with pinterest.

i recently joined, and knowing full well i would become instantly addicted, dived in headfirst.

found a scarf i had to make. found it on pinterest, and followed the link to this creative blogger...

she has so much fun stuff, and i can't wait to try other crafty ideas she's posted.

for my scarf, i used fleece instead of wool, and added a few extra stitches here and there to keep it pinned a little flatter. i love it. love it so much, i'm making another. see attached photo. lol

this was a wonderful distraction for me.

kept my hands busy.

we had to have our beloved boxer dog put down last saturday, and making this scarf kept me busy so i didn't sit and look at her stuff and be sad...

thanks for looking, and go hug your pets. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

december scrappy chic stuff

december. already. how can that be?

well, believe it or not, it's here, and here's my stuff for december's scrappy chic kit. very cute stuff this month! i was kinda out of christmas-y pictures, though, so i scrapped what i had.

finally yeah. my kid's over 15 years old, and just learned how to blow a bubble. :)

happy birthday tesa (official cardmaker for the work peeps, i am...)

six reasons why we love this dog this one was fun - i love these pics of my girls...

happy birthday kellie

mardi gras i've been waiting for the right colors to scrap these photos, and this kit filled the bill. perfectly. :)

happy birthday, carla...

that's it for now. i'm working on my little mini about my day on 11-11-11. simple & cute.