Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i'm in loooooove

with pinterest.

i recently joined, and knowing full well i would become instantly addicted, dived in headfirst.

found a scarf i had to make. found it on pinterest, and followed the link to this creative blogger...

she has so much fun stuff, and i can't wait to try other crafty ideas she's posted.

for my scarf, i used fleece instead of wool, and added a few extra stitches here and there to keep it pinned a little flatter. i love it. love it so much, i'm making another. see attached photo. lol

this was a wonderful distraction for me.

kept my hands busy.

we had to have our beloved boxer dog put down last saturday, and making this scarf kept me busy so i didn't sit and look at her stuff and be sad...

thanks for looking, and go hug your pets. :)


  1. beautiful work!
    sorry about your boxer - been there

  2. oohh, I love the scarf! I need to try this :)

    and I've said it before...I really am sorry for your loss :(