Monday, April 5, 2010

march... crazy month!

march was a busy month for me! spring break was eventful, i got called for federal jury duty, i got braces on my teeth... whew. and still found time to scrap...

that grin this layout was done for Who's That Girl #6 - Distinguishing Features... i wrote about my smile, which is now covered with metal. according to my darling husband, i now look like Ugly Betty. fine by me - i think she's cute as heck! lol

two this one was for a challenge from Sketches! {by tamara} (find her on facebook! awesome sketches AND challenges!) my absolutely adorable niece, mary...

lol! another of that babygirl. she just cracks me up. for this efffect, i printed two of the same photo, one color and one b&w. cut out the part of the photo you want to highlight, then attach to the b&w photo. i realize you can do this in photoshop, but i am much more precise with a pair of scissors IN my hand. :)

here's one i did during spring break: it's my nephew, robert, at halloween. i bet you can't even tell i scrapped this one while i was on vicodin after a surgery i had... lol

i have a couple more done, but they're dt layouts or class layouts, so i can't share yet, but when i can - i hope you enjoy 'em. i know i sure enjoy creating them.
thanks for looking!