Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sassy lil' sketches stuff

just a couple of layouts and a card, all using sassy lil' sketches...

shared parties using the june 28th sketch. nice hair, huh? still bitter about that. lol i have really curly hair and my mom, having three daughters 7 and under, decided to take care of the problem of me crying when she combed out the tangles... -sigh- okay. whine over. :)
hi using the june 14th card sketch...

look using the sketch from the design team call... my niece, showing off her whistling skills. my daughter's jealous. she still can't whistle worth a crap. heehee.
looking at the card and the 'look' layout, i think i'm liking green these days...

thanks for checking out my little blog!


  1. That's a wonderful take on the sketch from Sassy Lil' Sketches! :)

  2. Love your layouts, especially the whistling one! My son is the same - every time he makes a little squeak he thinks he's the bees knees! x

  3. Great work, Aimee! I had to chuckle about the hair remark. I don't even think I'd want to show mine from the 70's!

  4. Lovely layouts and card. No wonder they snapped you up! I love your shared parties layout! That's so awesome that you are pulling out old pics to scrapbook! It's a gorgeous take on the sketch.

  5. you are rocking the cool layouts & cards from the sassy lil' sketches!

  6. Love that shared parties layout Aimee
    great card and whistling layout too