Saturday, July 10, 2010

i'm freakin' out at scrapfreak!

i am getting SO much done! and having fun while i do it... there's some awesome challenges going on at scrapfreak - go check it out!

oh, brother. this one just makes me smile. it was my niece mary's birthday and rachel had had enough of sister getting all the attention (this was after rachel hid under the table while we sang happy birthday, and after she sidled over to give the stinkeye to all the loot mary got... lol ). my sister had mary dancing - and rachel was disgusted.

i used the march sketch inspiration for this layout.

ready another volleyball layout. i layered a silhouette-cut photo on top of another for a 3D look.

used the april sketch inspiration for this.

1988 wow. it really doesn't seem like that long ago... but it is.
i went digging for old photos of me to scrap (i was caught up mostly on sam pics -
had a little photo shoot last night -
will post some of those later)
and found these old pics of my graduation.
the may sketch was perfect for this many photos...

2 dang CUTE! i had fun with this one. i used some old screen material that my husband was going to toss, but i rescued it for scrappy purposes. here's how i used it:

decide where you want your misted area to be and cut out that area

(i used a big rectangle shape)

tape the screen to the back

paper clip the scrap paper and screen to the paper you're using for your layout

protect your work area and spray

this is how mine looked when i was done spraying mist over it

and here's the layout...

i used the negative space from a mme journaling
spot for the base of my title, and i cut out the #2
from some leftover packaging from christmas.

mini mountain climbers the july sketch was my inspiration for this one. i love the bg line i used - green at heart...

this summer freakout challenge goes on all july at scrapfreak! there's all sorts of bonus challenges, too... enough blogging - i'm going back to work. thanks for looking...


  1. those are great LOs! I LOVE what you did with the screen and the misting! such a great idea! that LO is awesome!!

  2. Hi Aimee...
    LOVE what you did with the screen!! How cool is that...and your layouts are FABULOUS!! It's nice to see all your work again...I've missed it!!