Wednesday, September 15, 2010

time to get schooled...

so the prompt for who's that girl #17 was as follows:

When we are children, we can't wait for school to end! But as adults, education can take on a new importance or interest. Think about what you would like to learn if you had the time and money to go "back to school". This can range from traditional subjects to more fun or unusual subjects... perhaps you dream of being trained as a chef, want to touch up your foreign language skills, or just want to learn to knit! Whatever it is, put it to paper!

i wrote about my desire for more knowledge, and eventually more camera. :) someday, somehow, i'll get a really cool DSLR and take a class.

you can see the other design team members' layouts here... funny how so many of us want to learn more about photography. ;)

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