Sunday, October 24, 2010

who's that girl #19 (and others layouts, too...)

the prompt for mid october's layout:

Holiday Blues: As women, and as crafters, I find that so many of my friends set crazy expectations for themselves for the holidays... make handmade, thrifty gifts that will amaze! cook the perfect holiday meal! photograph every perfect cherished moment! It can really be a bit overwhelming. So right now, before the holidays really pick up, take a moment to think about the holidays.
What do you love most about upcoming holidays? What is a realistic set of goals for you this year? The idea is to create a page that will help you keep the important stuff in mind as you enter into what can be a cherished but stressful time of the year.
You can scrap your goals for this year, document what you love most about the holidays as a reminder, or choose one word that represents what you want from the holidays. Your take on the challenge is up to you!

lights here's what i came up with... part of the reason i wanted to document the lights i put up is because our alaska winters are soooooo dark. i'm finding the older i get, the tougher it is to put up with the winters.

good dog for a layout morph i participated in at scrapfreak... here's a link to the thread - you can see the beginning layout and the ending layout - which just happens to be mine. :)

enchanting this is for the october GDT contest at the freak... the theme is vintage. i think i hit it - sam saw this layout and said, "wow. that looks old." lol

aBUNdance i made a sample for scrapfreak's spooktacular crop sketch challenge...
being a little punny... :)

that's it for now. hope everyone had a good weekend! i'm looking forward to next weekend - taking friday OFF!

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  1. Your title work is always interesting & fun!! Great stitching too - such fun stuff. :)