Saturday, September 3, 2011

september scrappy chics kit... it's stuffed full of simple stories stuff! this is the first time i've played in simple stories, and i'm in love.

live life in COLOR my project this month involved an old broken clock i had laying around in my one-day-i-might-use-this pile. just a cheap plastic wall clock - i painted the exterior (i recommend sanding it first, if it is a cheap plastic one, otherwise the paint scratches off VERY easy. i need to sand this THEN paint!) and saved the paper clock face to use as a template for my layout.

1996 for this layout i used some old photos of samantha and i, shortly after we got to take her home...

words to live by (sketch based on a sketch from sketchy thursdays) i used a mirror image of this sketch, and bumped up the journaling area. used a lot of paint on this one - smudged brown paint on the pink cardstock, then dribbled some grayish-black paint on top of that.

well, that's september's kit. actually, it's a small PORTION of september's kit - the kits are always so full of scrappy goodness that i always have plenty left to use for other projects. i guess it helps that i'm naturally thrifty, though, and like to stretch my supplies!

best of luck to melinda at scrappy chics - she's flyin' the coop and LEAVING alaska! we'll miss her up here, but all you lucky lower 48'ers will get a chance to meet her, maybe - she'll be more centrally located on the west coast! lucky for me, though, we'll keep in touch - and when i visit her area, i'm SO going to pop in & see her!

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