Saturday, February 11, 2012

february 2012 scrappy chics stuffs!

january was a CRAZY busy month for me. we took a family vacation to maui - it was lovely and warm and sunny... here at home, the temps were hitting -30ยบ but while we were in hawaii, it was in the mid 80's. when we got back to anchorage (late at night), we took the shuttle to the parking lot where we left our truck. it was frozen solid - we had to get the battery jump-started. brr. the next morning, i realized my camera case was nowhere to be found. i was immediately in tears. my husband had faith the camera would turn up, though. thank goodness someone was being positive. usually that someone is me, but i was too distraught over losing my camera. i called the airline, the airport in anchorage, the parking lot in anchorage, the airport in maui and finally the rental car agency in maui... yep. i'd left it in the car. whew!

anyway, long story short - the pictures for this month's kit are not great - i took the photos with my phone. :) AND i did my projects after we got back from vacation!

please, go to scrappy chics and sign up to get your kits! melinda has the most incredible variety - i'm ALWAYS excited to open my melinda mail!

here's what i did:

smile kind of a shabby chic thing going on here

she is 42 ugh. really? how the heck did that happen?! lol

beautiful reasons i found this little doohickey at the thrift store for 50 cents. i knew i could use it for something. the photos are held in by ribbon strips - so i can change out the pictures and put up new ones!

here's the "before" of the tray. i guess it's a tray.
thanks for looking - what a crazy month! hope your new year started out stress free...

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