Wednesday, January 13, 2010

scrap history...

how long have you been scrapping? and do you still have "other" hobbies?? i used to have a bunch of other hobbies, until scrapbooking grabbed me, 12 and a half years ago. now i scrapbook and read - that's it.

(my smoke alarms are going off right now - driving me crazy. yep, i'm cooking. lol so if i sound a bit disjointed, that's why!)

i started scrapbooking when my daughter samantha was a year old. that was back in the infancy of scrapbook popularity... there were books on how to draw your own letters, books on images you could copy or trace to add to your pages, and doodling techniques. i'd always been "artsy-fartsy" and this little hobby grabbed me by the throat and still hasn't let go.

i actually have dreams about scrapbooking.

i have a dedicated space for my hobby - we built (when i say "we" i mean my husband) this house 5 years ago, and my mother-in-law was the one to suggest an office area for my scrapbook shtuff. i have a HUGE hanging file drawer for my paper and 4 drawers built in for storage. in addition, i have a bookshelf that houses a lot of stuff... i'm trying to be good, though, and haven't splurged in a while, because i have a lot of "stuff." i'm feeling the itch to oh-so-casually drop by one of the lss's though! resisting so far! anyway, i've been playing with this hobby for a good long while. i lurve it. a lot.

i've been lucky enough to be published in an online magazine, Scrapstreet, i believe that was the june or july '08 issue. i'll be in an upcoming issue of scrapbooks, etc. this summer... pretty exciting stuff for a little hobbyist like me!

thanks for reading...

this is one of my all time favorites...

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