Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 layouts and a frame...

love you 2 this layout was created in response to a challenge at scrapfreak... kari is the one who came up with it:

8.13 Freaky Friday Design Challenge - Penny Pinching Patterns
It is no secret that I'm frugal. My husband would say cheap I love to get the most out of my scrapping dollar. Of course the jaw-dropping 2010 Summer CHA releases means that I'm about to open my wallet again. In order to do that without the usual guilt means using some of what I have first. Many times when I sit down to start a layout I go to my scrap paper pile first. One of my favorite things to do is use my patterned paper scraps to the very edge of their life. Gather similar colored papers and get to work.

Challenge- Create a layout/card/mini/altered project using 10 unique patterned papers. If you want an extra challenge try to use at least 5 manufacturers.

before i can leave my house for who's that girl #15 - neurotic? who me?
Neurotic? Who me? - Most of have some little thing that we are a bit neurotic about. The thing we fuss over and want to be just so. The thing that we spend more time and energy on than anyone can believe. Perhaps its vacuuming the carpet so you get perfect neat "rows", re-organizing your markers into ROY G BIV order, or the way the toilet paper hangs on the roll. Come on, even the most laid back person has their little neurotic habits or obsessive/compulsive behaviors! Spill it!

i had this photo of my house hanging around - loved it, but didn't know how i'd use it. then this challenge came up and it all clicked.

you got mine! just a fun little memory i wanted to preserve... sam hates to be the center of attention, yet she loves flashy clothes. hmmm. that's another layout, i think. :)
girl friends i used the august sketch from scrapfreak for this one...
courage i made this for my friend barb's birthday... :) love that she's doing things she's always wanted to do! and i really love this quote...

hope you all have a nice end to your weekend. i have one last day of freedom (besides today) then it's {gasp} back to work for me!

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  1. looks like you've been super busy!! love the dimension on the first LO. Great job!