Saturday, August 7, 2010

this is why

bree asked me to create a sample for the august class over at scrapfreak...

here's the prompt:

August Class - Prompt 7: Relationships
As humans, we seek out connections with others... from our family to friends to mentors. For me, these are the strongest memories I have, the ones I hold most dear.

Quick List of Ideas
A particularly close family member
Best friend as a child and memories that stand out
Mentors or teachers
Neighbors or family friends that influenced you
Current friends and things you love to do together
Spouse or loved one

Mentors: Think about the people that helped make you who you are. Create a list of these people. Now think about why each one influenced you, how they shaped you. Document a particular story that best represents their influence on you or write them a letter thanking them.

Gone but not forgotten: Often, those that we lost are some of the most bitter sweet memeories we have. Consider creating a page honoring your loved one. Focus in on what they meant to you. Who were they as a person? How well did you really know them? What would you ask them now if they were still here? Would they be surprised by how your life has turned out? If you could spend one day with them now, what would you do together?

Partners: What makes your relationship with your partner work? Really give this some thought. Often, I find that strong relationships are build on a foundation of shared values and goals. What do you and your spouse share in common and why are these important things to agree on? Additionally, we often are attracted to people who balance us. What is different about you and your significant other and why is that also important?

Children: No bond is stronger than the love a mother has for their child. Create a page about your relationship with each child you have. Consider using a list if you have several children, like favorite memory, trait you admire most, nickname, etc.

Friends: Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Make a list of your closest friends. What first brought you together? Why are you still friends? What makes this particular relationship unique? Each person in our life often serves a different role. Think about the role each of your friends serve. Document the role they play in your life or why you are grateful to have them as a friend.

here's what i came up with. i loved looking at all these old photos of us.

inside every envelope is a two sided, handwritten letter with
lots and lots of memories of our almost 24 years together.
some of the little things that i did to help tie the whole book together:
colors - black, white/cream, and red;
the main title (words 'this' and 'why') and the teeny hearts
on every page are made from a coffee sleeve;
journaling spots on every page are maya road...
just ties it all together.

:) i enjoyed the process with this one... thanks for looking.